Zhang Liming, an expert of the national sweet potato industry system and vice president of Shandong


In May 18th, Zhang Liming, vice president of post industry experts, national system of sweet potato in Shandong Academy of agricultural science a line of 4 people to visit Linyi sweet potato industry, Gao Wenxian, Vice Dean of Academy of Agricultural Sciences Research Agricultural Bureau member test of Linyi province sweet potato industry system Zhu Zhijun, Liu Zhongju accompanied the investigation station.

The investigation group has to Linshu County, Junan county and other places, effects of sweet potato production in Shandong Huaqiang agricultural science and Technology Development Co Ltd, Qingyun Zhen Dong Lei Cun Zhu Bian Zhen GUI and flower planting cooperatives processing situation, a detailed understanding of the basic situation of the sweet potato planting, storage, processing and management of potato seedlings, the sweet potato processing the direction of development, storage and management of seedling grower cooperatives, as the exchange interaction, vice president Zhang Liming set a high standard for the prevention and control of sweet potato cellar, breeding base and pest problems especially virus disease prevention and put forward the guiding suggestions.

Through this expedition, the provincial and Municipal Academy of agricultural science and technology cooperation and exchanges were strengthened, which provided positive countermeasures and suggestions for the development of sweet potato industry in our city, and promoted common development.

Specializing in the production of refined sweet potato starch enterprises.

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