Shandong Huaqiang agricultural science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., an annual output of 50

In June 18th, Shandong Huaqiang agricultural science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., an annual output of 50 thousand tons of potato starch project put into production, ribbon cutting ceremony in Yimeng Old Wine Co., Ltd. held. County Committee of Ministers of the organization Xu Jun, deputy mayor Yang Huijun, vice chairman of the CPPCC Zhu Konko, deputy director of the County Economic Development Zone, by the letter of the Secretary Hu Huaiquan, the relevant departments of the county and the South Town Party committee attended the opening ceremony. Deputy county magistrate Yang Huijun made a speech.

Yang Huijun pointed out in his speech, since this year, my county in the construction of the demonstration zone of new industrialization as the starting point, continue to adhere to the implementation of the "industrial county" strategy, focus on the development idea of "2332", all gold and silver projects, grasping investment, continuously improve policies and measures to actively promote the opening to the outside world, showing the vitality of the county's economic development and a number of key projects have been completed and put into operation. 50 thousand tons of potato starch with an annual output of today completed the Huaqiang Technology Co. Ltd., is a large scale of investment, high technology content, good market prospects and advantages of the project, one can optimize the economic structure, change the mode of development, promote the sustainable development of the economy of the county, the County project, to accelerate the pace of development of new industrialization development to add vitality the county economy will play an important role in promoting.

Yang Huijun requirements, yimenglaoqu wine company to give full play to the advantages, the implementation of elite forces to further extend the industrial chain, the formation of "in the liquor industry as the foundation, deep processing of starch led to technological innovation and circular economy as the wings of the wings development pattern, create a demonstration effect in the city and the province. Yimenglaoqu Circular Economy Park of science and technology, to promote the enterprise to a higher level, to achieve better and faster development. The county departments at all levels to ensure the smooth progress of the project, in accelerating local economic development, according to "the work of taking economic construction as the center, economic work with industrial economy as the center, industrial economy to financial income ideas as the center", earnestly implement the spirit of the general assembly to accelerate the new industrialization development, further improve the quality of service, simplify procedures, give full support and cooperation of Yimeng liquor company, provide good conditions and environment for enterprise development, make new and greater contributions to the economic and social development. (Zhang Mingkun)

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