What are the characteristics and effects of sweet potato starch?


1. sweet potato starch maintained nutritional ingredients, fresh potato such as protein, amino acids, vitamins, fat, sugar, trace elements, such as cellulose, and the sweet potato containing human body cannot synthesize anticancer radiation of selenium.

2., sweet potato starch to maintain the sweet potato original flavor, rich in liquid protein, can effectively inhibit blood vessel sclerosis, prevent cardiovascular disease, diabetes, etc., rich in cellulose, can Runchang, detoxification, catharsis.

3. refined sweet potato starch contains DHEA, which has the effect of inhibiting and preventing cancer.

4. Shandong sweet potato starch easy storage, not easy to mildew, perennial supply market, not only can produce all ages with fast food powder, is widely used in all kinds of pastry food, sweet potato, sweet potato Steamed Buns replicate biscuits, bread, noodles, sweet potato cake and other natural products, the subsequent product is very rich.

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