Cooking, starch, oil control, temperature is the most important


Sweet potato starch is characterized by strong water absorbing capacity, but the viscosity is poor, dull, dark red color with black, fresh potato by grinding, rubbing washing, and precipitation.

Starch can be eaten directly or used in wine making, as well as a culinary adjunct to regular banquets. It is irreplaceable in cooking. But the use of starch was a big general knowledge, China cooking generally has three kinds of starch method is hanging paste, starch and starch.

It's important to control the oil temperature when you use starch. The sizing of the cooking dishes, the oil temperature is too high, the starch is easily bonded into blocks; the oil temperature is too low, easy starch and raw materials from, will lose the protection layer, so the best in a small amount of smoke appeared in the pot; while hanging fried paste, is the pursuit of brown and crisp, then you need some high temperature nowadays, the emergence of a large number of oil pan is the best time; also thicken must grasp the opportunity, too easy to paste sticking too late and uneven distribution, so we need to play it by ear. sweet potato starch

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