A coup - making cold noodle from sweet potato starch

Cold noodle is many people's favorite snacks, especially now that the weather is gradually warming, a strong wind will sweep the cold noodle and eat cold noodle stalls. Cold noodle is delicious, but for you to eat at roadside stalls? Think of the dust, think that the money take cold noodle hands, think of...... So you can have the mouth to eat? But can not withstand the temptation ah, how to do, there is no thought to produce their own cold noodle? Don't feel unbelievable, is actually very simple, we just need a bag of sweet potato starch.

Sweet potato starch sale everywhere, just go to the supermarket to buy a bag, we can use this package to make our favorite sweet potato starch cold noodle. And the procedure is simple, so let's take a quick look at it;

Ingredients: sweet potato starch, cooking oil, seasoning

Making steps:

First, add the right amount of water to the sweet potato starch and stir it into the paste clockwise. To even do not have lumps.

Two. Stir the flour into the refrigerator and refrigerate for more than three hours. If allowed, it can be overnight.

Water dry cold noodle equipment on the three, empty, appliance model with oil, pour a small amount of batter, a thin layer can be.

Four. Add boiling water, steam for ten minutes or so.

Five, see the model in the bubble even if just the basic wrapper.

Six. Take the correct model and put it in cold water to cool it.

Seven, the surface of cold noodle steamed with a layer of oil, the cold noodle can be removed from the appliance model.

Eight, the two sides are cold noodle steamed with oil, cut into the appropriate width, put spices can enjoy delicious homemade.

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