Process for producing sweet potato starch in Shandong


Process for producing sweet potato starch

Transport cleaning - disintegration - Screening - sediment removal - precipitation (or enrichment) - dehydration drying - Air-cooled packaging.

First, cleaning the basic principles of cleaning role: mainly to clear the surface of the sweet potato cortex with sediment, and wash away the root of sweet potato root epidermis. As the raw material for the production of starch - fresh sweet potato or dried sweet potato slices for cleaning, is to ensure the quality of starch foundation, the more clean the net, the quality of the better the starch.

Two, the basic principle of broken solution, broken solution role: sweet potato starch is mainly stored in the fleshy part of the root tuber, only a small amount stored in the endothelium. The purpose of the solution is to destroy the tissue structure of the sweet potato, so that tiny starch particles can be successfully separated from the root tuber. The starch released from the cell is called free starch; the residue in the interior of the cell is called bound starch. Comminution is one of the most important steps in the processing of fresh potato. It is related to the flour yield and the quality of the fresh potato,

The requirement for comminution lies in:

1., as much as possible to make the fresh potato cells rupture, release more free starch granules;

2. easy to separate. Do not want to peel pomace or too small, is not conducive to starch separation and other ingredients, and increase the difficulty of separation of fine slag.

Three, the basic principle of screening, sweet potato slag is a slender fiber, larger than the size of starch particles, Peng coefficient is larger than starch particles.

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