The production process of sweet potato starch


The production process of sweet potato starch

(1) raw material selection: due to the different varieties of sweet potato, its quality and starch content are different, even if the same species, in different habitats, its quality is also very different. To choose a good starch varieties, require high starch content, not only for the sick potato starch processing of raw materials, but also can infect other tubers during storage, prone to decay losses, therefore it is necessary to eliminate clean potato disease. sweet potato starch

(2) washing: pour fresh potato into the human cylinder, add water, wash it with artificial, remove it after washing and drain the remaining water. (3): crusher broken into pieces with water after playing fresh potato, the block size is 2 cm below for grinding. (4) grinding and filtering: This is the main link in the production of sweet potato starch, which affects the quality of products and the yield of starch. Will give fresh pieces of stone or emery adding water into potato paste, fresh weight and water volume ratio is 1:3-3.5. The potato paste for 60 to reflect aperture filter screen in. (5) the pulp: the starch filtration to obtain the release of the NPC cylinder, acidity and concentration and proportion of adding water and adjust the starch milk physalis. The acidity and concentration of starch milk are closely related to the precipitation of starch and protein. If the starch lactic acid is too large, starch and protein simultaneously precipitate, so that starch separation is not clear. The acidity is too small, then the protein and the starch all precipitate is not good, assumes the emulsion, cannot separate

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