Differentiating between flour and sweet potato starch


Shandong Huaqiang Agricultural Technology Development Co., Ltd. teaches you how to distinguish between flour and sweet potato starch:

Do you know sweet potato starch? Do you know the flour? If sweet potato starch and flour are put together, can you distinguish which is sweet potato starch, which is flour? If you don't know how to distinguish, Shandong Huaqiang Agricultural Technology Development Co., Ltd., which is a refined sweet potato starch, teaches everyone to learn the difference between sweet potato starch and flour.

1. Properties: Flour is a powder that is directly honed after peeling wheat or other grains. Starch is a kind of polysaccharide material obtained by separating protein and other substances from flour. It is insoluble in water and will swell in hot water. It becomes a viscous translucent colloidal solution.

2, ingredients: flour is rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates and dietary fiber, sweet and cool, have the effect of nourishing the heart and kidney, strengthening the spleen and thickening the intestines, removing heat and quenching thirst; starch is a part of the flour, the main ingredient is More than 80% of carbohydrates and more than 10% of water.

3. Appearance: Compared with starch, flour is slightly yellowish; starch is very white and pure in color.

4, feel: use your fingers to rub a little flour, then licking, it is very smooth; and starch will have a feeling of sputum, the feeling of hand-skinned starch and the feeling of the fingers of the powder is very similar. When I was moved, I felt a little nervous.

5, cooking: flour is mainly used to make steamed bread and fried (fried fritters, loin, Kendeki fried wings, etc.); starch is generally used to make soup, soup made with starch, such as seaweed egg soup, clear and It is sticky, smooth and tastes good.

6, the role: starch has a strong gelatinization effect, hanging on the food surface during cooking, can protect the nutrition and taste of the food inside; flour because of the protein, can not play a protective role.

7. Uses: Flour is more widely used. In addition to being able to thicken, it can also be used to make noodles, taro, bread and other foods. However, starch is relatively limited in its use.

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