Technological advantage

Equipment advantages: automatic control, good performance, high efficiency, all stainless steel structure, high quality products.
R & D center: technology R & D center has a college degree in 18, and is equipped with various scientific instruments, including 1 tablecloth Brabender viscosity meter, analysis software and construction operation of terminal equipment acquisition, collection, performance parameters of instrument and bus online monitoring of multiple control, analysis for scientific research to collect data, improve product quality. At the same time, adhere to the "production, learning and research" development road, were established in cooperation with Shandong Province, Zhengzhou Institute of food and fermentation of starch essence, extensive cooperation in product development, staff training etc..
: raw material base in Yimeng mountain area has a long tradition of sweet potato planting, planting area of about 1 million acres of perennial planting in Linshu County, an area of 100 thousand acres or more, the company adopts the "company + base + farmers" mode of industry, has built 10000 mu of high-quality sweet potato standardized production base, planting sweet potatoes contain starch, dietary carrot fiber, rich carotene, vitamin A, B, C, E and potassium, iron, copper, calcium, phosphorus and other trace elements, has the characteristics of natural, green, pollution-free etc.. At present, the WHO after many years of research and selection, selected the top six most health food, sweet potato is listed as the 13 best vegetables champion; 20 kinds of anti-cancer vegetables "list of Japan's National Cancer Institute published in sweet potato tops; sweet potato products have become popular all over the world health food.

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